My work

In the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to work on a number of projects.

Here’s a curated list of the most recent ones.

Isometric screenshot of DoYourThing's homepage

Valley Studio

Valley Drapery & Upholstery services page screenshot

In early 2024, I had the opportunity to collaborate with a New York-based agency on the development of the Valley Studio website. My role focused on the development, strategic decisions related to site performance, reliability, and SEO. The project leveraged modern technologies, including Next.js, Sanity CMS, TailwindCSS, and Mailchimp integration for the mailing list. Over approximately 64 hours of development on my end, we created a robust and dynamic website that meets the client's needs and provides a seamless user experience.

Trellis Art Fund

Trellis Art Fund homepage screenshot

In late 2023, I collaborated with a renowned New York-based agency to develop the Trellis Art Fund website. The project aimed to create a dynamic, user-friendly platform to support and promote emerging artists. My role focused on development and strategic decisions related to site performance, reliability, and SEO. Utilizing technologies like Next.js, Sanity CMS, and TailwindCSS, I ensured the site was robust and high-performing. The result is a responsive, accessible, and visually engaging website that effectively communicates the mission of the Trellis Art Fund.

Swim club Agordo

Swim club Agordo website screenshot

Back in the nineties the only ways you could know if and when a business was open was if you called or physically went there and looked yourself. Nowadays everyone expects to be able to easily find that information online.

My mission was to bring my swimming pool closer to the customers by giving it an online presence and an easily accessible central hub of information.

In order to accomplish that I needed to create a completely new Design System from scratch using only the preexisting logo as reference and design a friendly and trustworthy User Interface for the new website.

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Let's work together

If you're interested in my work and think we'd be a good match, don't hesitate to reach out. Who knows, we could build something amazing together.