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Piscina di Agordo

A place to call home

Back in the nineties the only way you could know if and when a business was open was if you phisically went there and looked yourself. Nowadays everyone expects to be able to easily find that information online.

My mission was to bring my swimming pool closer to the customers by giving it an online presence and an easily accessible central hub of information.

Uno screenshot del Design System.
Uno screenshot del Design System.

Shifting expectations

User’s expectations gradually changed throughout the last twenty or so years, during which there has been an incredible migration towards a more interconnected digital world. Instead of flipping a phonebook’s pages nowadays most people use Google to look up a restaurant’s telephone number or address.

Along with technology’s progress, businesses evolved too to better fit in a rapidly changing environement and efficiently make use of modern tools and platforms.

Since the swimming pool’s inauguration more than twenty years ago not much had changed on this front. People had to rely on a Facebook page and constantly call our only receptionist making her waste a lot of time.

Something had to change.

A mockup of the website’s homepage.
Uno screenshot del Design System.

The goal

Establish an online presence

My goal for the project was to establish an online presence for the swimming pool through an easily accessible and recogniseable website.


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